Master Plan for Hosting USTNAI Events During COVID-19 Restrictions

8 Sep 2021 7:57 AM | USTNAI Administrator (Administrator)

As a general rule the USTNAI will abide by the Guidelines set forth by the CDC and consistent with the State and Venue guidelines to protect attendees and maintain public health safety. The following will be enforced during the USTNAI Convention at the ORLEANS Hotel in Las Vegas, Nevada, October 8-10-2021.

  • All participants shall wear masks during the event except during scheduled meals.
  • Social distancing as recommended by CDC and through Public Health announcements.
  • Disinfecting solutions will be available at all times for participants to use for washing/disinfecting hands
  • Screening participants through the following:
    • Vaccination record – digital or hard copy
    • COVID19 tests within 72 hours, if unvaccinated
    • A brief comprehensive questionnaire to assist in determining symptoms and exposure to COVID-19
  • Exercise precautions to prevent possible spread of COVID-19 through mechanisms of identification and screening as described above, contact tracing for both vaccinated and non-vaccinated participants and reporting of known indications of COVID-19 symptoms and infection. These steps will be conducted in partnership with and in collaboration with the venue management and staff.

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