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"You can find the others if you are brave..."

On her dangerous journey through the world of humans and legends she soon gets caught by the witch Mommy Fortuna and is displayed in the Midnight Carnival, a menagerie of mythological monsters. With the help of Schmendrick, a clueless but well-meaning magician, she breaks free and releases the other monsters. One of them - the Harpy, an ancient evil bird goddess - destroys Fortuna and her eerie show. 

Now Schmendrick and the unicorn are travel companions. The miserable young wizard, who hopes to become a true magician one day, will become a loyal friend. But at first he just produces series of funny mistakes. Soon he ends up in trouble and is captured by a gang of hopeless losers - silly outlaws who dream of being Robin Hood. Captain Cully, their leader, is a miserable would-be-poet - happy to have an audience in the unfortunate magician.

"Magic, do as you will..."

After a long way through a dried-out, dangerous world, a world that lost its magic, they finally arrive at Hagsgate near Haggard’s castle, and the town folk try to draw them into a plot against Prince Lir, Haggard’s stepson. Fear rules the town - fear of an ancient curse spelled out by a witch who wasn’t paid.
The same night - in a dead forest before the fortress - the bull scents the unicorn and hunts her down. In the last moment Schmendrick lets go of his own personal, limited power, calls on the source of magic - "magic, do as you will" - and turns the unicorn into a beautiful, fairy-like young woman that the Bull can’t recognize. They enter King Haggard’s court in disguise and stay there - for ages, it seems.

"Who am I?"

And as bigger their love grows, as more starts Amalthea losing her memory. Lir tries to win her with heroic deeds and fights victoriously against dragons, ogres, black knights and any other monster he can find. But the Lady Amalthea cannot be impressed by heroism. Only Lir's true love and his childlike poetry opens her heart. But as longer she stays in a human body as more she loses her memory and begins to forget, why she came here.

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