Position Statement: Professional Organization versus Alumni Association

9 Jan 2022 9:59 AM | USTNAI Administrator (Administrator)

This   Position   Statement   stems   from   the   need to articulate   the   USTNAI   as   a   professional organization as it evolves and transforms towards its  Vision  as a "unifying   force   for   all   Thomasian Nurses worldwide." There   have   been   misconceptions   and   questions about   whether   the   USTNAI   is   an   alumni   or   a professional organization. As USTNAI promotes its brand, providing clarity and consistency needed in its messaging   will   enhance  communications   and minimize ambiguities not only for its members but, more   importantly,   for   all  stakeholders   and communities of interest.

Professional Organization versus Alumni Association

This position statement articulates the official view of the USTNAI as a professional nursing organization and to amplify its mission, vision, and core values. And that our members, similar professional organizations, UST Nursing graduates and stakeholders of our communities, nationally and globally, become well-informed, be familiar and be able to uphold our view when confronted with the proverbial questions related to: “Who, What we are about, and Why we exist.”

At the USTNAI’s inception, a group of alumni believed strongly in forming the association in response to a need to have all UST nursing graduates from the Philippines have a collective voice as a group similar to the nursing organization we are affiliated with, the Philippine Nurses Association of America (PNAA). What started as alumni reuniting together in celebration of their experiences and unique transformation as practicing nurses in the U.S. evolved over the years to aspire and become a professional association. Re-imagining and positioning the USTNAI as a professional organization led to developing our vision and redefining its mission of advocacy, service, education, and research for members and community of interest. Consistent with our mission since 1995, the USTNAI remains and continues our strategic relationship with our alma mater, the UST College of Nursing. This collaborative partnership provides excellent opportunities for both parties for a symbiotic and synergistic connection benefiting not only the USTNAI members but, more importantly, UST nurses of the future as they move forward in advancing the nursing profession that is imbued with the core values of Unity and diversity, Spirituality, Trustworthiness, Nursing excellence, Advocacy, and Innovation.

As the profession moves towards growth internationally and globally, acknowledgment & recognition of the USTNAI as an official professional association based in the U.S. facilitates communication of the reason for its existence and its brand.

Therefore, the impetus for this statement is for all to recognize and acknowledge the USTNAI as a professional organization.

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